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The Jilly Doll

I'm Jilly, a fun-loving and energetic Asian-American girl.
My smile lights up the room.
Proud to Be Asian

I am an early riser, with a huge sweet tooth for tarts, cookies and anything made with red bean. I love the smell of my Grandma’s Asian foods (especially when I get to bake with her) and am proud to share all my home made treats with friends.

I can be feisty when keeping up with my big brother on our bikes, but I also love cuddles and story time with my parents.   

Transforming L'il Tart

When I am helping mom or Grandma in the kitchen, my chef’s hat gives me inspiration.


When I need a friend, my hat transforms into L’IL TART, my sunny sidekick who is always ready to join me on outdoor adventures and snuggles.

Favorite Foods

She has a sweet tooth for tarts, cookies, and anything made with red bean.

*Small food accessories, as shown in this photo, not included

Welcome The Jilly Doll into your home
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